by Old State

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released July 23, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Amelung at Encapsulated Studios.
Album cover photo taken by Ben Johnson.
Logo designed by Jake Hunn.



all rights reserved


Old State Saint Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: You Won't Find Me Here
The river that we stared at has long since frozen over,
and I'm stuck trapped beneath the ice.
And now I'm frozen.
Don't leave me stuck here forever.
Please don't leave me stuck here forever.
Track Name: Porch Swing
I would kill to meet this character that you have created.
Simplistic in your sly remarks and your patient behaviors. It's semi-related.
This figment of a former self you've tried to let die for some stupid reason. I've learned from experience that you tried to cut me out.

You're chemically imbalanced
like some hidden insecurity.
There must be something missing.
There's gotta be something more.

A peaceful endeavor to find a true self.
Just shut off the world, if you think it would help.

I found the rhythm to this opened lettered theme to swing beneath the shaking trees. I've found my peace.
I found the rhythm to this open lettered theme to swing beneath her towered feet.
I've found my peace.
Track Name: Shorts Guy
I read the note left on the floor.
Rejecting respect. A constant niche.
You said the look I get when I seem to lose my temper just wasn't worth it.

Spinning faster, I've come to close to finding answers. I've become the ghost.

Caffeine in my system rotting out my brain.
I don't think this year's for me.
Up all night. Time is crawling.
I know this year isn't for me.

And don't you think of me while bring in the new year. I can't fight to keep the peace.
This constant war kept on by an argument forgotten. This sickened
feeling it's bringing back around.

It's not our year.
It's not our year.
Track Name: Perspectives
I lie behind my woven sheets
my eyes were focused, close to black.
my mind's a wreck inside of me
with hopeful thoughts of coming back.

I'm not a man that holds his pride.
I'm just a kid who's come to terms.
My eyes weren't closed, they were opened wide.
with hopes and dreams that I could learn.

I could try to preach, but couldn't speak if anyone could ever see this fabric cling so desperately.

The only thing that's holding me
is the thought that maybe I could breathe comfortably here
comfortably here.

Life or death, it doesn't change.
Perspective lies in how we think.

Why me? What happened in this circumstance and why'd it have to be me.
Don't mind me. I'm just breaking down this sadness as I'm twisting my perspective.

Why me? What happened in this circumstance and why'd it have to be me.
Don't mind me. I'm just breaking down this sadness.
I'm twisting my perspective on life.

I'm breaking down this sadness.
I'm twisting my perspective on life.
Track Name: Church Doors
There's a buzzing in my pocket and it won't leave me be.
I'll hide out in the bathroom to see what they might need.
They said that we had lost you. That you had left us all alone.
They said you'd be gone for good.

Now I'm struggling here to map out my next move.
I ran out from work and tried to meet with you.
We were too late to see your final breaths.

Now I'm stuck in some basement waiting to get to your wake.
The pastor called in your name, yet no one had made a sound. The silence had left us choked.
We gathered at the church it was colder than we had thought.
Lifting up my hand to push full force toward a door that would never be easy to move.
I look down the pews. They're lined with faces I haven't seen in some years.
Most of them forgotten, I know they've forgotten me too.

Jake walked in, heavy eyes on his face. I never thought I'd see him again.
He showed us his shirt he had everyone sign on the last day of school.
There was your name on his sleeve.
The last thing you'd leave.

A few days pass. Your casket is resting. We're waiting to say our goodbyes.
The priest said some kind things and everyone smiles. Then, your friends form a line towards the front.
They tell stories of your highest moments about the times you moved us to tears.

The reception was calming and everyone talking.
It only made us miss you more.

"I pray I never have to write this song again. You are loved."